1001 Olive Chapel Road
Property for Sale

Location: Apex Peakway and Olive Chapel Road
Description: 1.786 acres Corner Parcel with frontage on both Olive Chapel Road and Apex Pkwy;
1.260 acres Parcel with frontage along Apex Peakway
Zoning: PUD Planned Unit Development
Likely Uses: Retail or Office (poss. residential mix)
• Single-family detached • Townhouses
• Apartments/Condominiums (In mixed-use area only)
• Barber and beauty shop • Medical or dental laboratory
• Bookstore (excluding adult bookstores) • Medical or dental office or clinic
• Convenience store • Newsstand
• Day care facility • Office, business or professional
• Dry cleaners and laundry service • Personal service
• Farmer’s market • Pharmacy
• Financial institution • Printing and copying service
• Floral shop • Real estate sales
• Greenhouse or nursery, retail • Restaurant, drive-through
• Grocery, general • Restaurant, general
• Grocery, specialty • Retail sales, general
• Health/fitness center or spa • School
• Kennel, indoor • Studio for art
• Laundromat • Tailor shop
Tax Pin: 0732 82 9856
Utilities: All Utilities Available near site
Comments: Several Development opportunities are currently being studied and considered
Price: Call David for current pricing
Contact: David Richards